• Maximum sound absorption class (patented dual-perforation process)
  • Resistant to water and humidity
  • Free-standing
  • Washable
  • Flexible
  • Low weight
  • Does not gather dust or fray
  • Applicable on sight
  • Maintains acoustic and mechanical properties over time
  • Easy to work and install


Expanded polyethylene


Stratocell®Whisper® is a range of closed-cell semi-rigid sound-absorbing expanded polyethylene sheets. Its sound-absorbing properties make it one of the most innovative materials for sound control in industry and buildings.

Thanks to numerous certifications it can be used in the building, industry, railway, tram, automotive, electronic, nautical, piping and air conditioning sectors.
Suitable for application in public buildings such as canteens, gyms, classrooms, shooting ranges and workplaces, as well as for the creation of road barriers, filtration systems, engine valves and much else besides, they are also suitable for use in humid environments thanks to their water resistance.

Its closed-cell structure, its high level of sound absorption, its resistance to water and humidity, its free-standing nature and its specific certifications for numerous sectors make this innovative material unique.

The range consists of:

  • Stratocell® Whisper® DB, cheap, a good alternative to polyurethane
  • Stratocell® Whisper® FR, light, flexible, thin, with good fire resistance
  • Stratocell® Whisper® UV, UV-resistant, ideal for outside use


The Stratocell® Whisper® is available in white, black and grey, in sheets (thickness 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 mm) or rolls (thickness 20, 25 mm).




Railway and tram market
EN 45545, Class R1 HL1 e R10 HL1-2 (thickness 20-50 mm)
Buildings and construction
EN 13501, Class B-s2, d0 (thickness 20 – 50 mm)