• Density from 200 to 400 kg/m3
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Impermeable
  • Resistant to compression
  • Resistant to temperatures
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Resistant to chemical agents
  • Vast range for use in various production sectors
  • Can be customised




Silicone seals and anti-vibration devices. Resistant to high temperatures, chemical agents and UV radiation, silicone seals are highly compressible and guarantee high elastic return and are used as a sealing solution in extreme conditions.

They are an irreplaceable component in industrial applications with a high technological content in the aerospaceelectronicmedicalbiotechnicalfood and other sectors. Our range includes the conductive type for EMI screens and many other variants, all certified for the specific sector of application.


The products can be supplied in sheets, rolls, profiles and specially designed forms.




MerRailway and tram market
Bisco silicone HT 200 FG
EN 45546, Class R1 HL2, R2 HL3, R3 HL3, R7 HL3
Bisco® silicone BF 1000
EN 45545, Class R22 and R23 HL2 (thickness 1,6 – 25,4 mm); R2 HL3 (25,4mm) , R3 HL3 (25,4mm)
Bisco® Silicone BF 2000
EN 45545, class R22 and R23 HL3 (thickness 3.18 – 12,7 mm)
Bisco® Silicone HT 800
EN 45545, class R1 HL1 – R2HL2/HL3, R3HL3,R7 HL1, R8 HL3,R9 HL3, R10 HL3, R22 HL3, R23 HL3 (hickness 0,79 – 2 – 12,7 mm: varies according to R)
Bisco® Silicone HT 840
EN45545, Class R10 HL3 (2-19 mm), R9 HL3 (2,19 mm)
Bisco® Silicone HT 870
EN 45545, class R10 HL3, R22 HL3, R23 HL3 (thickness 1,6 – 6,35 mm)
Bisco® Silicone MF1
EN 45545, class R18, R19 and R21 HL3
Food market
FDA-compatible silicone in expanded and compact sheets
Electronic and mechanical market
Rogers silicone BF 1000 and HT 800 UL94, class
Bisco® BF-1000, Bisco® HT 800 and Bisco® M-f1 silicones
FAR 25853, ABD and BMS